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Contractuo is a digital document & identity solution for companies and institutions who want to streamline their contracting, document management & invoicing.

Our user friendly and smart solution helps you create, sign and manage documents and contracts with ease!

Whether you are a Freelancer, Family Business, Multinational or a Government – Contractuo scales to match your requirements.

100% digital

Your entire workflow 100% digital – never scan or print a single sheet of paper again.
Unless you really want to of course!


Contractuo is based on the blockchain standard which serves as the most important standardized, open-source security pillars.

User Friendly

Our platform helps you quickly create and manage all your documents, contracts and invoices. And signing them couldn’t be easier.


100% legal: documents signed with Contractuo are legal and admissible in court under the European eIDAS regulation. Inside and outside of Europe.

Get all contracts and invoices with your customers, suppliers and employees easily and safely signed … so you can focus on your core business

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Legal changes or M&A

Automatically scan existing contracts for certain clauses or conditions through text-mining. Flag them, change them automatically and send an updated version without human interference to your customers. 

Due diligence

Whether you need to compare several versions of a contract, or want to see the full history of changes; with our technology you’re on the safe side. All versions are stored and dynamically comparable in a built-in audit trail.

Official meeting minutes

Use Contractuo for any kind of official company document. Get a memo signed off by executives from their personal mobile devices, agree on a memorandum of understanding and manage all documents in one place. 

Smart contract builder

Our smart contract builder does what it suggests: it helps you to quickly generate strong, legal contracts based on smart business rules with a touch of AI help.

(Under development)


Invoice your service partners, providers and pay invoices sent by the government or other parties easily and fully integrated in your existing workflow.

(under development)

Document Management

Streamline your communication, improve returns and report over time. Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing DM systems but also offers its own suite of functionalities.
(under development)

Automated workflow

Automate all of your workflows requiring approvals internal or externally. Not only will you be quickly compliant with GDPR requirements, you also avoid long delays in waiting for official approval.

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Our team consists of experienced professionals in a broad range of fields. From UX design to full stack development, from marketing to vendor management and from legal to processes.

Sybren Raaijmakers - Founder

A subject matter expert in finance and legal. Natural entrepreneur who lead multiple teams on- & offshore. Has vast experience in developing complex solutions in multinational environments.

Jaap Canjels - Co-founder

Multi-talented with a background in industries ranging from insurance & finance to technology & marketing. After leading an international agency Jaap joined Contractuo to help push development and business to the next level. 

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