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Managing contracts 
with ease
cost efficient

The most powerful solution for companies looking to streamline their contract management.

Legal documents and contracts are at the basis of your company and all of its interactions. Together, they form the blueprint of every organization but unfortunately it is often not transparent what is governed by them or against which conditions.

Increase Value

Your customers, partners and employees will never have to print, scan or mail a physical contract. Review, adjust conditions and sign from anywhere in the world - secure and legal.

Reduce Risk

Get automatic reminders, define actions, give access to cross-functional teams. Uncover potential contractual risks from a single source of truth. No more conflicting versions and never lose track of contracts again.

Gain Insight

Harness the power of contract data and find answers to questions quickly. The platform's dashboard gives you unprecedented transparency. Never read an entire contract again to find answer to a single question.

Save Time

…save money and reduce your environmental impact. Our expert workflows enables you and your employees to effortlessly steer your business.


Contractuo offers full life-cycle digital contract management

Create, review & sign

Build a contract from scratch with our pre-defined legal text-blocks, review it with ease amongst your colleagues and sign it directly from your desktop or phone.

Make it smart

Analyze contract data such as Service-Level-Agreement KPIs, contracting parties or specific risks. The platform allows you to automatically add pre-defined conditions, rule-sets and ensure that they align with company strategy.

Monitor and alert

Receive automated reminders when contracts or providers need review. Never before was it so easy to see if there are specific risks or if you perhaps are paying for services that you never use.

It is not easy for your employees to keep track of the ever changing laws and regulations that apply to their work. That is why our build-in workflows are 100% compliant with local and European rules and regulations - out of the box.


To make digital contracts the standard

Fully European

We are a European team, based on the border of Germany and the Netherlands. Our servers are hosted by a European company, located in the EU. You can be 100% sure that your data is not subject to the rule of any foreign government.

Your data remains yours!

Whether you choose for our on-premise, cloud or blockchain solution - your data always remains yours. We ensure that your contracts are stored in a standardized format so that on the day you choose to leave us, you can migrate with ease.

Need support?

We understand that moving from paper contracts or existing systems to something new can seem like a time-consuming project. But we promise that starting with us is like opening a mail account. With only a few clicks you are on your way. And, if you need help with old-data, paper or digital, we are happy to support!