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About Us

We help you streamline your contract management

Our team consists of experienced professionals in a broad range of fields. From UX design to full stack development, from marketing to vendor management and from legal to processes.


Meet the team

Sybren Raaijmakers
Co-founder & CEO

A subject matter expert in finance and legal. Natural entrepreneur who lead multiple teams on- & offshore. Has vast experience in developing complex solutions in multinational environments.

Jaap Canjels
Co-founder & COO

Multi-talented with a background in industries ranging from insurance & finance to technology & marketing. After leading an international agency Jaap joined Contractuo to help push development and business to the next level.

Jack Sliwa
Co-founder & CTO

8+ years programming experience, 3+ years API experience, Subject Matter Expert in Architecture, Database & lean

Floris Noten
Marketeer & Analyst

A talented young marketeer with an eye for structure and details.

Eduardo Massarani
Eduardo Massarani
Junior Developer

Junior developer with a self-taught background and a drive for learning and improving. Internationally-minded, originally from Brazil and ended up in the Netherlands.

Carlos foto V2
Carlos Osuna
AI Developer

He might be young, but to most people (and even developers) what he makes is pure magic. Carlos makes contractuo 'understand' contracts, with state of the art AI and machine learning.

Mary Dessauer
UX designer

Beautiful or functional? One or the other is not good enough for her; Both are a requirement. Mary helps tie together style and functionality to bring Contractuo to life. She is born and raised in the US, but recently made the move to Belgium to settle with her husband.

Petros Kantartzoglou
Backend Developer

Junior backend developer with Bsc in Embedded programming with 3 years of working experience with multiple programming languages, API's and databases. Having Greek and Dutch roots makes it hard to choose a 'home country'.

Our next talented colleague

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Meet our Advisory Board

Dr. Martin Deckert

After an apprenticeship in banking, Dr. Martin Deckert studied business administration at the University of Cologne, spent several months at Pennsylvania State University, USA, and received his doctorate in economics on the liberalization of Southeast Asian economies.

Dr. Deckert has been working for several companies like KPMG, Union Bank of Switzerland (SBG), SBG Germany and UBS Private Banking in Zurich, where he held various functions.

In 2003, Dr. Deckert was Operating Head Germany of UBS Deutschland AG and member of the Management Committee and from 2008, he was appointed as an additional member of the Board of Directors of UBS Deutschland AG. Within the Board of Managing Directors, he was responsible for Operations, IT, Internal Services, Risk Control and Credit Risk as well as the project portfolio of the entire bank in Germany. In 2012, also the Accounting function was added to the task portfolio, so that the following areas of responsibility were bundled at Dr. Deckert: COO (Chief Operating Officer), CRO (Chief Risk Officer) and the activities of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

From 2016 to 2018, Martin Deckert was co-founder and partner of the management consultancy Skubch&Company, advising companies in the financial sector on transformation, business IT alignment and digitization.

As COO of Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG, Dr. Martin Deckert headed the operational divisions IT, Operations, Credit Management and Facility Management from May 2018 to July 2020. He also managed the bank’s project portfolio with a special focus on the overall transformation of operational structures and the implementation of the digitization roadmap at Merck Finck.

Since August 2020 he has been working as a freelance consultant for various financial companies and FinTech firms in an advisory capacity or as Interim COO.

Dr. Martin Deckert is a member of various working committees in the financial sector. Furthermore, he supports young companies as a mentor in the “Unibator” of the Goethe University Frankfurt, an initiative for start ups.