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Failure and success

Why failure can be a good thing

Failing sucks. Not being able to achieve the goals you’ve set is a letdown for most of us. Your confidence might drop and you’ll start doubting yourself. However, most succesful people that we admire today because of their  achievements, kept
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Marcus Aurelius statue


Did you ever experience a situation where you saw something happen or someone told you about something and you immediately jumped to a conclusion? I think you have, and probably more than once (now I made an assumption myself!). Although
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Keep your nerves under control

‘Keep it together!’  or ‘Calm down!’ sound familiar to most of us. Although most people know that it’s important to keep your nerves under control, not many people truly embrace this princpiple to its fullest and only a few keep
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Tips to (really) secure your Zoom meetings

…or just manage it well in general! With all the negative news surrounding the security of the video-app zoom we thought it was time to share some tips for those using it and not very familiar with all the features
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How to accomplish things

Truly finish things, and feel more accomplished In our post yesterday we talked about some things you can do to make remote work a bit better for you or for your team/company. With that cleared up it’s time to talk
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Cup of coffee

The satisfied remote worker

Be happy, become efficient Ok, so some people have experience with working remote and some are just now getting started (maybe because of Corona, maybe just because of sheer coincidence). There are a number of ways to make sure it’s
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