Challenge your Friends & Family online

Everyone loves a good game!

Look, whether you like classic board-games, online shooters or just the social aspect of games – (almost everyone) likes a fun challenge.

Most of the Contractuo team have their friends spread thin over a large number of countries globally. Staying in touch with them has always been a bit of challenge but there are plenty of options to keep things fun and social at the same time.

Our co-founder Sybren recommends:
Grab a Nintendo Switch, download Mario Kart, turn the CCs up to 200 and challenge your friends to a chaotic, free-for-all karting frenzy. Nintendo makes it easy to set-up an online game where everyone can log-into and it’s also great for people with kids.

If you really want to add another dimension you can set-up a laptop in front of you and dial into a video conference. Have a drink, watch people get angry when they get blue-shelled and chat in between intense rounds.

If you do not have a Switch, you can do the same with Playstation and xbox but they require a separate online subscription. OR you can always set-up an online poker-game or pay a round of Risk with the open-source software Triple-A.

But, if you are not that into online games, our other co-founder Jaap recommends:

Keep it simple! Just set-up a Zoom or Skype session with your friends, grab your favourite drink and catch-up on what has been happening. Just make sure to set a password for your Zoom sessions because they have come under more scrutiny lately for their security standards and, you do not want a stranger drop into your conversations as if it were a 2009 chat-roulette session!

Finally, pictionary or charades are also easy to get into through video-chat. Either use the build-in whiteboard functionality to draw and guess or just aim the camera of your computer or laptop to your living room!

It may feel a bit awkward the first time you set it up but you’ll get used to it quick enough!

Mario Kart Party

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