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Contractuo makes it simple

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Сontract management functions you will enjoy while using our contract management software…


Efficient & Fast

Draft, send, sign, track & manage all contracts & customer data in a single platform with a clear auditable trail.
By using our unique dynamic data setup you can save even more time on repeating documents!


Transparent & Easy

Managing contracts as easy as using google search due to dynamic data, conditions & machine learning.
Always know the exact status of any contract and set tasks and reminders based on that.


Cost efficient

Reduce legal fees & human capital needed by as much as 80% as well as reducing cost due to errors by 100%. With the use of our templating engine you can send even the most complex contract in minutes!


Customer friendly

Setting up a contract with dynamic data is as easy as a few clicks. And your counter parties can sign the contracts from anywhere on any device.


Fully integrated & Automatic

Integrate Contractuo into your existing processes such as Hiring, Billing, Vendor Management, etc.


Top-notch technology secures that your data remains yours and our platform is 100% eIDAS conform!
Contractuo software is European build and we store our software and data only in the EU!

Get rid of your contract management headaches and save time

With our unique and clever setup of dynamic data in combination with text blocks and templates, you will save so much time on your contracting, that you have time to focus on your business!

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Simplify your contract management with Contractuo…

Automate Contract Management

Before starting indicate what is important:

  • Involve people early on & be sure to have all requirements and regulations transparent
  • Define and request necessary information
  • Use legal templates and easy workflows

Drafting & Feedback

Not everyone is a legal expert – use:

  • Pre-defined text blocks for different types of documents and other variables to assist in drafting.
  • In-line comments and feedback with a complete audit trail for legal review
  • Get an ‘internal’ review or have your external expert review directly in our platform (no additional license needed)

Review & Approval

It may take a long time to check documents. Contractuo ensures:

  • Efficient coordination & competence-based release of the document
  • Timely validation from all stakeholders with automated reminders
  • Inline commenting by all parties.

Sign Documents Digitally & Follow -up

Printing and scanning are a thing of the past thanks to integrated digital signatures

  • Sign safely and securely from anywhere
  • Automatic identification supports follow-up contracts, connected SLAs, and other related documentation
  • Ask for signing or just a read & confirm by the counter party.

Archiving & Monitoring

A single source of truth for all your data it’s like having an x-ray for your data:

  • Get renewal reminders, find out specific contract conditions and discover risks with integrated contract controlling & automated analyses
  • Alert business owners, remind signatories, and understand which service you might be paying for without using.
  • Simply renew a contract by superseding, no need to start over.

FAQ about Contractuo

Why do you need Contractuo platform for contract management

Up to thousands of legal documents and contracts are at the heart of every company. In an environment where multiple people are responsible; changing laws and regulations are common; systems, facilities, insurances, legal structure, and your customer base is overlooked, and not being in control can be detrimental. Contractuo helps you understand what to do, and what it will cost. From registering a company to protecting your ideas and from serving your first customer to renegotiating with your 1 millionth, all the way up to your first due diligence.

How it works

Our contract management system covers the entire contract management lifecycle, from creation to signing and from review to monitoring. You can draft legal documents in two clicks; request approval or review with internal and external parties without mailing documents around; request legal checks from your external legal counsel; sign digitally (incl. qualified-E-signature); manage third-party suppliers – compliant by design with German and European regulations.

Contractuo platform is suitable for…

pretty much every business! Whether you’re running an SME, or you’re leading a department in a larger company; all can benefit from our contract management software. Set up your employment contracts, sales contracts, NDA’s, en more.

Contract management functions that we suggest…

– Sign digitally
– Review contract conditions
– Review input
– Standardized workflows
– Smart Contract Builder
– Legally compliant audit trail
– Pre-defined legal contract text blocks
– Compliance with local laws and European regulations
– X-Ray your contract database
Automated reminders
And much more…

We offer legally verified contract templates…

– Employee contracts
– NDAs
– Data protection agreements
– Rental agreements
– Cooperation agreements
And much more….

Solution for SME looking to streamline contract management. Start your contract in minutes

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