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Entertainment Series

It’s not easy to stick to a regular day when the situation outside is not at all regular. During crises like the one we are currently seeing it is essential for a lot of people and businesses to operate remotely. Whether that is from the comfort of your home, or another safe, remote location.

At Contractuo we are used to working remote as only few of us are in the office daily. So, to help everyone out there with a few tips and perhaps some entertainment – we present our Daily Working at Home sessions. Join in and receive a bit of support and happiness right into your inbox or just read them on our Blog here.

We are combining our experience with remote work, the tech expertise of everyone working at Contractuo to put together some advice – both general, technical and a few quick tips that might help people in small but significant ways.

Challenge your Friends & Family online

Everyone loves a good game! Look, whether you like classic board-games, online shooters or just the social aspect of games – (almost everyone) likes a fun challenge. Most of the Contractuo team have their friends spread thin over a large
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