Remote working Champion: Stick to Form!

Routines - at least some of them - are your friend

This first iteration may come as a bit of an ‘open door’ but we would like to start with it anyway as it is a good introduction:

Three weeks ago, at the start of ‘stay-the-hell-inside’, you may have been excited about not commuting anymore, staying in your pajamas and finally collecting all Koroks in Zelda Breath of the Wild or expanding your farm in Stardew Valley (or, you know, just sleeping in). And, you have probably enjoyed so for a few days. But if you are really planning to get some work done and not get stuck in endless video calls there are a few ways to ensure that you are productive AND enjoy the perks of not having to be stuck in traffic.

Establish a routine – include your off-hours!

This is the hardest for anyone – everyone can reach you at any minute of the day including the evening. If you don’t watch out, you end up working late nights with less time off than normally at the office. So here are a few tips to avoid going down that rabbit hole:

  • Don’t eat at your desk or even in your work area and don’t take your phone on your break. Taking a small break, changing rooms and scenery is a good way to walk away from your work, ignore new incoming e-mails and actually helps become creative and solve problems! Do the same for your coffee breaks.
  • Working remotely can be very lonely – so as part of your routine, build in coffee breaks with colleagues (virtually). You can catch up over Slack, Zoom, Skype, Teams – any tool of your liking in fact.
  • End your work day at a set time and make sure your colleagues (and your boss!) know this – do I really have to explain?

Get dressed

Also not a very hard one – do not stay in your adidas jogging pants. Just put on some regular clothes (no need to fully suit up) but dressing will help put your mind in the right setting.

Sit straight, stretch, walk – move

Ok, so you might not have the best desk, chair or corner to work from. It may be thrown together and McGuivery – all the more important to stay aware about your posture and to take breaks and move. Stretch your legs, do some push-ups – anything to get the body into a more active state. And, don’t forget to sit straight!

Separate your working space from other spaces

Ok, if this is not possible because your apartment is small or only has one room where the kids don’t barge in every 5 seconds it’s not a problem. Just make sure to separate the space (even if it is only the ‘area’ in a room) you are working at, from the spaces you are eating, playing a quick game, exercising or drinking coffee.

And finally, tools

Well, this is highly dependent on your needs. My colleagues tell me that they need curved 30+inch screens to work properly – I usually come by with a laptop, a cheap logitech mouse and a cheap secondary Lenovo screen. So, just look at some set-ups out there (we will be posting some pictures of our set-ups too, so keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Xing) and decide what you need and like.

Cup of coffee

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