Senior web developer

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I guess you are curious and would like to know a bit more about us?

About the product & the problem we are solving

TLDR: Contractuo is a document management platform mainly aimed at official documents such as contracts and agreements.

The full rundown: Contracts and agreements are the blueprint of any organization. However, a lot of these companies struggle with finding and making sense of critical (business) information. Contractuo gives companies the ability to easily assign owners, structure their document processes and help people make sensible decisions based on transparent, easy to find information.
The platform allow any company to verify the identity of people, create-, manage- & sign documents and automatically keep track of all important information and follow-ups.

About the company & your position

Contractuo is a young startup and challenger in the industry. We are a very close-knit team from varying backgrounds and nationalities driven by a single thing, creating products that matter to our customers. You will be working closely together with the founders and customers alike and independent of your skill- and experience level you will be given the chance to grow and take decisions autonomously.

Senior Software Developer (Full time position)

Must have – what you really need to bring to the table:

  • In depth PHP experience
  • In depth understanding of the Laravel Framework
  • Experience with JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Experience with frontend frameworks (react, vue or angular)
  • Object-oriented programming and SOLID Design principals
  • Experience with Single Page Applications
  • Experience in building REST API’s
  • Experience with Relational databases (SQL)
  • Git experience

Nice to have – how you stand out:

  • Tailwind CSS experience
  • Experience in testing with PHPUnit

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