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The Contractuo platform covers the entire contract management lifecycle, from creation to signing and from review to monitoring.

How it works

Definition & Due Diligence

Before you start it is important to understand which conditions and laws apply as well as knowing which internal and external stakeholders to involve:
  • Involve people early on in the process - be sure to have all requirements and conditions transparent and avoid surprises afterwards
  • Define and request necessary information and conditions that are needed
  • Use legal templates and easy workflows

Draft & Align

Not everyone is a legal expert, and your legal experts are often already overwhelmed. Contractuo supports:
  • Pre-defining model clauses (legal text building blocks) for different types of contracts, customer-groups and other variables to assist in drafting.
  • An automated completeness check to see if certain clauses are missing for the type of contract you are drafting
  • In-line comments and feedback with a complete audit trail for legal review


It can take a long time for important documents to be reviewed internally and given the go-ahead. Contractuo ensures:
  • An efficient internal coordination & competence-based release of the contract without e-mailing or printing
  • Timely validation from all important stakeholders with automated reminders


Short and simple, printing and scanning is a thing of the past thanks to our integrated digital signatures in line with the European eIDAS regulation
  • You and others can safely and securely sign from anywhere
  • Automatic versioning supports follow-up contracts, connected SLAs and other related legal documentation

Archive & Monitor

A single source of truth for all your data. The Contractuo database contains all your documents and important information - it's like having an x-ray for your contract-data:
  • Get renewal reminders, find out specific contract conditions and discover risks with integrated contract controlling with automated analyses
  • Alert business owners, remind signatories and understand which service you might be paying for without using

Some core functionalities


Some of our services


Struggling with a large backlog of old paper based contracts? We will digitize and archive all of your contracts - immediately reviewed and made smart.


Want to change a part of a process or implement your own company specific module - we are happy to support. Ask us for an initial review or a Proof of Concept.


We work together with a number of reputable law-firms who can verify quality and legality of content. Quick and directly in the tool.


Use our legally verified contract templates